The internet has become such a beauty contest. I long for the days when it was full of space pages, hippies, oddity collectors. I remember using something called metacrawler. I remember wide expanse of blue screens. It seems the internet turned into a steady stream of show-offs and one-ups, of perfectly manicured food & precisely tailored pictures. Okay, fine. Times change.

I carry with me the essence of mountaintops and no, I’m not gonna subject you to endless streams of my travel pictures (well, a few maybe… I am an avid traveller after all.)

Mostly this is a space to collect my thoughts, introspect, debate, meet, and collect ideas with others.

Finally I want to say I believe in magic. Why? Because it happens to me. Does that mean I get whatever I want? Not a chance, it means I get exactly what I’m supposed to have and I am continuously enthralled with just how beautiful that often turns out to be.

I’m a wild card, come inside, explore with me. Spin to the moon & back. Let’s dream.


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