Nut Stash


I love squirrels. I love how they gather up a bunch of things that they never use. I love how they work all day. I love how they move about from one thing to another. I love how they love nuts.

I think I am a squirrel. I love nuts. In fact I am a nut connoisseur. If a brand new nut was found in another part of the world, never tasted by mankind, I’d be eager to go there and try it.

That’s why I had a vision in nuts!!

I’ve been working on a project that I call Nut Stash for a few weeks now. I’m getting closer and closer to finishing it. It’s taking lots of testing spices, re-arranging, eating the bag of nuts & having to get new, and drawing up the label for the mason jar.

I’m so excited to be closing in on finishing this project. If it works out that people like this project, I can’t wait to do more nut projects. The squirrel in me is already gathering up recipes for future Nut Stashes.

Till nut time,


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